Reading Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen

After a long hiatus, I have finally decided to blog again (things get in the way), and have just finished the book Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

I am very curious to see if anyone has any preliminary thoughts, did they like the book? Did they hate the book? Its weird, I thought the book was enjoyable, but there was no real substance to the book. The depth was missing, sacrificed for the language Franzen chooses to use.

To start my discussion I thought I’d just try and connect all the characters for you, it will probably look quite funny:

Joyce is Patty’s mom who is Walter’s wife and Joey/Jessica’s mom and they all live next door to Monaghan’s whose youngest daughter, Connie, is fucking Joey but he really wants to be fucking Jenna whose brother is Jonathan and father employs Joey which Walter doesn’t approve of and Jessica is jealous of who both work together with Richard, who has an affair with Patty and has been Walter’s best friend and hits on Lalitha who has an affair with Walter and dies in a car accident leaving everyone to mysteriously live happily ever after, besides Richard who dies alone.