Mary Ellen Mark, A Celebration

If many of you do not know Mary Ellen Mark she is a brilliant, brilliant photographer who focused her energy on telling the stories of people who would not otherwise be known to the world. Photojournalism is a really hard subject and faces a lot of scrutiny; critics suggest that photojournalism does not capture people in their completeness, but rather captures more of the photographer’s view of the people. A fair concern that Mary Ellen Mark in her work did a fabulous job of showing that a photographer can capture a people. She got to know her subjects despite the difficulty in getting to know people so different from her own self and her works will live on, inspiring other photojournalists to show the compassion and patience she showed when capturing every one of her photographs.

(Mary Ellen Mark, in LIFE magazine)

If you’ve never seen some of her work, check it out here. If you don’t know much about her, click here.

There are many ways to tell a story, besides through novels. A good photograph and a great photographer can tell a story about life that pushes people to compassion and understanding. In the age of digital photography, we often focus on beautiful landscapes, clear pictures. Mary Ellen Mark was a traditional photographer (not anti-technology) who did not use photoshop but stuck to her original film prints. She attempted to capture the world as it was. Check out her prints!


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