Do you guys ever write in your books?

(Photo Credit: Qfwfq)


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  1. I am weirdly careful with my books, like I try to leave them looking as though they are brand new- break the spine and I get slightly traumatised! 🙂 But I have a Kindle and my books there are FILLED with highlights and notes! I am really liking your blog btw!


    1. Thanks so much! And I know what you mean. I love old looking books and used bookstores though so I feel like I’m the opposite! When I see a book of mine all beat up I’m like wow, I really read that one (:

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  2. Yes, and I love it when other people do too. I like to read marginalia and see what others thought as they read. It is like having a conversation with the book and with others who have read the book.


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