Meeting Lily King

(terrible pic, sorry, I was in the back)

Lily King bought Margaret Mead’s biography from a store without ever thinking she was going to read it. When she finally did she thought, that would make a great story, but she never thought that she was going to write it. Now look at us, she’s a top selling author, and I’m right here blogging about her!

Anyways, I don’t go to book signings often, but Lily King was in the area so I was like Ahhh, gotta go. She was at a local book store, talking about her writing process, how she came upon the  topic for Euphoria and took questions. It was pretty cute because King writes in a notebook her entire story. Thats right, there is a notebook out there with all of Euphoria written in it. Don’t you feel just.. euphoric?

She also talked about how the book was originally in Mead’s point of view, then it shifted to her lover’s over time because she felt like she identified more with him. It was interesting to hear how King approached the story from a very flexible point of view. Though it is inspired by Margaret Mead’s life, she changed a lot of the details as she was writing the story.

Overall, she was a very humble and humbling person to meet, (ps, her hair is really that great in person too!). If you have the chance, read Euphoria!


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