No One Belongs Here More Than You

Miranda July is hilarious, and this book does not disappoint. The collection of short stories starts off with a wildly brilliant piece, highlighting an odd narrative who is submitting advice to an HIV-Positive newsletter:

If you are sad, ask yourself why you are sad. Then pick up the phone and call someone and tell him or her the answer to the question. If you don’t know anyone, call the operator and tell him or her. Most people don’t know that the operator has to listen, it is a law. Also, the postman is not allowed to go inside your house, but you can talk to him on public property for up to four minutes or until he wants to go, whichever comes first.

July’s voice is genuine, and from the get-go I was entranced. She has this capability to hit everything, like when the narrator was working for a program R.E.A.D, she had no idea what the acronym stood for, I know that feeling lol. Or this hilariously awkward scene,

The only reason I joined the conversation was that Elizabeth claimed you had to breathe underwater to swim.

That’s not true, I yelled. These were the first words I’d spoken out loud in weeks. My heart was pounding like I was asking someone out on a date. You just hold your breath.

Elizabeth looked angry and then said she’d been kidding.

She then tries to teach them how to swim with only bowls of water that they stick their face in. Miranda July’s collection is so hilariously funny, you will probably end up running to buy her next novel, which is what I did. Read No One Belongs Here More Than You!


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