Cosmicomics, As a Whole

Cosmicomics is separated into 12 short stories, all of which follow tales of the formation of the universe we know today. Each short story begins with a description of the scientific process that the story will be based on. Then Qfwfq starts off the narration, by describing that yes, of course he was there when this event happened.

What I love about this novel is twofold. For one, Calvino makes everything that would seem so disjunct, natural. The names in Cosmicomics are ridiculous, referring to mathematical formulas rather than names that anyone could have. Even Qfwfq are letters that are used in formulas, Captain Vhd Vhd, etc. Additionally, though Cosmicomics was originally in italian, the diction does not lack any beauty.

You can tell, from reading Cosmicomics just how much joy and beauty Italo Calvino must find in the world. Read the book!


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