Cosmicomics (2/3)

I’m going to start this continuation with…

Without Colors

Is about the world before colors (shocker), and everything around them is gray, without much physical definition.

At first I believe she couldn’t distinguish me–as had happened to me, with her–from the rest of that sandy world; then she seemed to recognize in me the unknown presence that had pursued her and she was frightened. But in the end she became aware of our common substance and there was a half-timid, half-smiling palpitation in the look she gave me.

Though this is not my favorite story either, I did enjoy the scenes in which Qfwfq is looking for his lover, Ayl, but he cannot quite see where she is, nor her him, though they are in front of one another.

Thoughts the ending of Without Colors is quite good. Ayl finds beauty in the gray world, and cannot deal with the colors entering Earth. She retreats, and Qfwfq does not understand this. Calvino made even a gray stone wall seem beauty, as Qfwfq gazed upon it and found shapes.


Games Without Ends

Is a story about playing with hydrogen atoms, (a counter theory to the Big Bang Theory).

I made a quick calculation of the atoms played and I realized they were only a small part of those he had stolen and hid. was he piling up a store of hydrogen? What was he going to do with it? What did he have in mind? I suddenly had a suspicion: Pfqfp wanted to build a universe of his own, a brand-new universe.

Thoughts though this story starts off a little slow, (I was not that engaged in the beginning) it becomes quite charming as Qfwfq starts to make his own fake hydrogen atoms and stealing Pfwfp’s. They both make new galaxies and chase each other around,

And so after every Qfwfq there was a Pfwfp, and after every Pfwfp a Qfwfq, and every Pfwfp was chasing a Qfwfq, who was pursing him and vice versa.


The Aquatic Uncle

Qfwfq narrates the transition between aquatic life to terrestrial life,

There was no holding the young fish; they slapped their fins on the muddy banks to see if they would work as paws.

Though most of Qfwfq’s family goes on land, his great-uncle refused to leave the ocean. He repeatedly visits him, once with his soon-to-be-wife. Lil, decides that she wants to be a fish, despite being on land for so long. So, she runs off with his great-uncle. lol

Thoughts though I liked the idea of this one, it is not my favorite in execution.


How Much Shall We Bet?

‘You want to bet we’re heading for atoms today?’

And Dean (k)yK said: ‘Oh, cut it out. Atoms! Nothing of the sort, and I’ll bet anything you say.’

In each scene, a different part of history unfolds, and as Qfwfq names it, Dean (k)yK says, well thats not what its called! As a math person myself, I rather love this story,

‘Now a bismuth isotope is going to come out!’ I said hastily, watching the newborn elements crackle forth from the crucible of a ‘supernova’ star. ‘Let’s bet!’

Nothing of the sort: it was a polonium atom, in mint condition.

Thoughts as the universe starts to form Qfwfq makes all kinds of crazy bets, and by the end is wrong about most things. I love this story because it is pretty witty, and sort of a path to research. To make predictions in modern days, Qfwfq and Dean needed libraries of information, and Qfwfq laments the days he could just pick a point in a parabola and predict the future.

Definitely my favorite of the ones I have written about thus far!


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