Cosmicomics (1/3)

Writing about Cosmicomics, seems to me to be a bit overwhelming. It is a collection of short stories about the moon and the Earth, told from a Qfwfq! Qfwfq has witnessed all of the events, as an all-knowing being, recounting them for the reader.

The Distance of the Moon, The tale is about a time when the Earth and the moon were much closer together, so that a group of people would visit the moon to extract a milky substance. The narrator gets stuck on the moon with Captain Vhd Vhd’s wife. He loves her, but she loves his deaf cousin.

She had finally realized that my cousin loved only the Moon, and the only thing she wanted now was to become the Moon, to be assimilated into the object of that extra human love

When the cousin comes to see the moon, the narrator runs down, but the woman, because of her love, stays on the moon forever.

Thoughts I have a special weakness for this tale, because I always found it a mixture of wonderfully charming and a tale of unique love. For example, these quotes

The man at the top of the ladder, as the boat approached the Moon, would become scared and start shouting: ‘Stop! Stop! I’m going to bang my head!’

He is going to bang his head on the Moon, obviously!!


At Daybreak

If Rwzfs was playing, it meant he had found something new: in fact, afterwards, exaggerating as usual, they said he had found a pebble

This short story is about the universe forming, as a family living on the nebula feel the changes, the matter coming together. As the universe forms, the members of the family evolve, per say, but of course Rwzfs gets stuck as a nickel and marries the first algae (lol).

Thoughts This story is perhaps even more charming, and mind boggling. Imagine your grandmother just carrying around a piece of the universe and calling it a cushion. I’d hate it too!


A Sign in Space

Discusses the two hundred million years it takes to make a complete revolution of the Galaxy. This story is not my favorite, it is a little bit less descriptively pleasing. Qfwfq makes a sign in space, the first sign ever, and attempts to find it again as they are rotating. He can no longer recognize his sign and lives out some galactic years in sorrow.


All at One Point

Talks about a point in time where everything was concentrated in one point, all of matter,

There was also a cleaning woman–“maintenance staff” she was called –only one, for the whole universe, since there was so little room. To tell the truth, she had nothing to do all day long, not even dusting–inside one point not even a grain of dust can enter–so she spent all her time gossiping and complaining.

Thoughts this is one of my favorite short stories in the collection. Qfwfq describes a community existing at one point, which even he finds confusing. In this community, one of the families is known as an ‘immigrant group,’ which he remarks as funny, because there is only one point,

‘When we go back there,’ he said to me, in a whisper, ‘the thing we have to make sure of is, this time, certain people remain out… You know who I mean: those Z’zus…’


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