“Don’t be amazed if you see my eyes always

wandering. In fact, this is my way of reading, and

it is only in this way that reading proves fruitful to

me. If a book truly interests me, I cannot follow

it for more than a few lines before my mind,

having seized on a thought that the text suggests to

it, or a feeling, or a question, or an image, goes off

on a tangent and springs from thought to thought, from

image to image, in an itinerary of reasonings and

fantasies that I feel the need to pursue to the end, moving

away from the book until I have lost sight of it. The

stimulus of reading is indispensable to me, and of meaty

reading, even if, of every book, I manage to read no

more than a few pages. But those few pages already

enclose for me whole universes, which I can never exhaust.”



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