Character Discussion, Blanca

Perhaps surprisingly, Blanca was my favorite character throughout a great of the novel.


Blanca was Clara and Esteban’s first daughter, she was very close to her mother, though she  herself possessed none of Clara’s skills. Blanca is characterized by her ability to love. She loves without reason of lack; she loves completely. It is this ability that saves her from all of her character flaws. We see that Alba criticizes her mother for not immediately running away with her lover, Pedro, and attributes this to her mother simply not loving him enough. Eventually, she does run away with him and they live, as they say, happily ever after (hopefully).

Other Thoughts

I found Blanca’s tale a tribute the the capacity of a woman’s love, and the capacity of the strength that one can draw from it. For example, Blanca is forced to marry a noble frenchman, who has rather queer sexual tastes and is perhaps hinted at having a sexual relationship with one of the male Indians that he employs. She is disturbed, and runs away at the exact moment that her water breaks. Yet Blanca had the strength to run, despite her fears.

Blanca is also stubborn and likes to live a comfortable life. When everyone is suffering, she fearfully hides food away, so much so that it goes bad. However, despite all of these qualities, her narrative is saved by her unyielding love for Pedro. It is this love that she draws from, and I found that strength, that pool of love, very moving.


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