Agatha Christie, a selection

As a child, I read a few Agatha Christie books until I fell into the void that is young adult fiction. They were about the only books that my mom liked, so I have a ton of them (though currently I only have three). But I haven’t read them in so long, and forgot about them (as I don’t have a huge propensity for mystery novels these days), so discovering them again was a great present. I always knew that I liked them, but they are the books that need to rest on ice for a few years before you pick them up again. If you’ve never read an Agatha Christie novel, shame!

Christie = Witty

I wished that rhymed, but sadly I lack the same wit. Agatha Christie always makes me laugh. Her repeated style doesn’t really get old for me. For example, in the book I just finished (The Murder on the Links) the reader is introduced to Hastings, the roommate of Poirot. He is a traditional man, and disapproves of this woman cursing on the train. She immediately notices and makes a fuss. At one point she cries that she is a disgrace, boo her, she should just go into the grass and eat worms. Lol. Of course (spoiler) at the end of the novel, the two of them fall in love.

In another scene, Hastings declares that he would fake a witness statement for his lover, and Poirot unfettered. He states that they should go to England, of which Hastings is shocked (because he thinks that he is foiling the investigation). But Hercule Poirot just says that Hastings would follow him anyway, except with a bad mustache and wig, so he should just come with him to save the trouble. lol.

The Twists

You can expect that you probably will be wrong about whoever murdered or committed the crime. Christie likes taking the reader through twists and turns, some of them are a bit ridiculous, but Christie writes in a style that it is easy to go with it. Some people might find this frustrating, because the twists can take really odd turns, and some stories are so complicated that I would never be able to explain or completely get what really happened. But personally, I read it more because I like the character Poirot. Though he is similar to Sherlock Holmes, he has a lot more appeal (to me at least) than the characters in like, Sherlock, or the modern versions. Poirot is an older, retired detective. He is very calm, and despite the often frustrating people that he has to work with, he remains cool and of course, always solves the crimes. I like this better than the traditional Sherlock character, who is very abrasive (though I like Sherlock Holmes too!).

These are just some thoughts about Christie as an author, and why I think people should read her novels! (even if you don’t always like mysteries that much)


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