Favorite Quotes from The House of the Spirits

I’m going to break up this heavy analysis section with some of my favorite quotes from the novel! I always pick out quotes that strike me when I am reading them, so we will see how weird they are now (lol)

Get ready to be awed:

I would have loved her without interruption almost till infinity

Knocking down trees to make room for telephone poles, knocking down telephones to make room for buildings, knocking down buildings to plant trees

She was one of those people who are born for the greatness of a single love, for exaggerated hatred, for apocalyptic vengeance, and for the most sublime forms of heroism

Jamie removed the cord from around her neck, held her upside down and dangled her in the air, and with two resounding slaps introduced her into the suffering of life and the mechanics of breathing. But Amanda, who had read about the customs of African tribes and preached a return to nature, seized the newborn from his hands and gently placed her on the warm belly of her mother, where she found some consolation for the sadness of being born.

Great and beautiful quotes!

(thank you Minions for showing the appropriate level of excitement we should feel from these quotes)


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