Library Starter Kit

A great library is an unimaginable vast space with all of the books you forget about, and the ones you don’t. I can never remember that Middlemarch is the perfect novel, until I see it around and read all of George Eliot again. (If you haven’t read Middlemarch, read it, or at least read the New Yorker piece: “Middlemarch and Me”)

But maybe you are just starting to build your library, what are some books that you need?
A good library depends on each person’s tastes, of course. Personally, I love foreign fiction, biographies and old mysteries, so my library is full of Pamuk, Calvino, McCullough and Agatha Christie to name a few.
My musts would be:

  • Snow, by Orhan Pamuk
  • Cosmicomics, by Italo Calvino
  • Middlemarch, by George Eliot
  • Anything by Agatha Christie
  • Frida, by Hayden Herrera
  • The Tin Drum, by Günter Grass

That was painful, because I simultaneously know that I left out a bunch, bunch, bunch of books that I cannot live without, and that I can’t remember anymore books that I consistently reread…

As always, let the minions tell it like it is:


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